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UX Twin Nozzle Inkjet Printer

UX-D860W Twin Nozzle Model Inkjet Printer

well-equipped printer with several top-up options, reduced makeup consumption and clean & easy change of cartridge-type bottles. It is capable of up to 8 lines of printing. The Standard model offers up to 240 printable characters on 8 separate lines. Twin nozzle technology allows for increased speed.

Features and Benefits

Higher Print Speeds

Having two nozzles dramatically increases the speed of multi-line printing. Traditional, single nozzle print heads become taxed very quickly when printing multiple lines of print especially at speed. By sharing the work load between two separate nozzles, this effect is greatly reduced

Flexible 8-Line Print

Our print head now has the capability of producing 8 lines of text by utilizing two individual nozzles in one, compact design. In addition, by utilizing Hitachi’s original “interlaced” print control technique, multiple line messages are printed clearly and legibly, further reducing coding errors due to misprint.

Versatile 64-Dot

Hitachi’s innovative design can now produce 64 vertical dots of print resulting in large, bold characters. This makes our twin nozzle printer ideally suited to mark company logos or any other pattern previously unachievable with traditional print heads.

UX Twin Nozzle Inkjet Printer

Character Stitch Capability

A unique option in our new twin-nozzle printer is the ability to stitch both nozzles together. The results of character stitching are characters that are bigger and bolder than even before achievable with single nozzle printers. This is particularly useful when character recognition is needed at a distance from the product.


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